Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving in SF - Saturday

 On Saturday we packed up and headed to Berkeley.  We wanted to show the kids where I went to school and start getting them excited about college.  We had to skip the campus tour due to rain and fog.  We instead headed straight to the Lawrence Hall of Science.  It's an awesome place for the kids.  Ryan was in total heaven.  It's like the Exploratorium only less overwhelming.

 We spent alot of time on this exhibit.  The kids loved these little wooden blocks.  Steve wasn't satisfied until he had the tallest structure.
 Kayla made an awesome dog!!

Here is the view of Berkeley from the Science Hall.  It cleared up in the end, but we'll have to go again to show off the school.  Thank you so much to Steve and Kayla for all of their hospitality!!

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