Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Birthday 10th Ethan!

 Happy birthday to Ethan!  His birthday was last Thursday, but we all got together on Sunday to celebrate.  Man I love that kid!  He is one independent kid, but he's heading in a great direction!!  We went swimming this morning as a treat for him, but I forgot to take any pictures.  I remember when Ethan was born.  Mac was a baby and we went to visit the Stapfs as often as we could.  We drove up to Rexburg from Provo.  I even did it solo (well, Mac was with me...).  I remember just freaking out because the diapers would freeze solid by the front door waiting for me to take it out to the dumpster!!  There was also that pleasant night that Macky got an ear infection.  One of my favorite Rexburg memories is of Delayne and Brett sleeping.  Delayne was still pregnant with Ethan and she was cooking!!  Brett, however, did not have the heat.  So, Delayne would sleep with a window open.  In Rexburg.  In November.  Brett would sleep with a ski cap on his head.  The guy was FREEZING!  I just kept thinking how much he loves her!  Ethan is one lucky kid.
This is a shot of Ryan.  I just liked it.  He was there at the birthday party, of course.  Oh, and he dressed himself.  :)

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