Thursday, November 11, 2010

Eliza Cut Her Hair

 This is our Miss. Eliza.  She is super cute.  She is super trouble.  You wouldn't suspect it, but this girl can cause quite a commotion.  Like today.  She walked in to her mommy and said, "Don't I look beautiful?"  Well, Delayne did not think so.  Eliza cut her own hair.  I have documented Eliza's work in these two photos.
 Delayne called distraught and we met at the Cool Kidz Cutz.  I had to suppress a giggle and look sternly at Eliza.  Well, no need.  She knew she was in trouble.  She would NOT smile for the camera.
I was very sad when I first saw Eliza and thought about her with short hair.  She has magnificent hair.  It turns out, she just might be cuter with short hair.  I'm going to put my scissors up now, though.  No reason to see how good she looks with a butch.

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