Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The State Capitol

 We decided to take a field trip today.  The Pings were nice enough to come along.  We took a trip to the state capitol in Sacramento.  I have never been before and neither have any of my kids.  We started the tour in the basement.  We thought we might be the only people, but before long we were joined by a few others.
 Here we are in the Assembly room.  It is all green.  The desks inside are the original.  The kids enjoyed the Latin on the wall and the painting of Abraham Lincoln.
 This is the original design of the California State Seal.  There are 31 stars on the seal because California was the 31st state in the Union.  The woman in the seal is the Goddess of Wisdom.
Here we are after the tour.  This is in front of the Governor's office.  We are in front of a great bear.  We got to go inside and see the reception area.  It was no too exciting.  They have moved a bunch of stuff out as the switching of Governor's will happen soon.

The Day After...

 The day after Christmas, we had a quiet day.  It was nice!  The boys spent lots of time building.
 Maddie worked on her art.

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas morning started early for us! Ryan woke me up at 3 AM.  Needless to say, I sent him back to bed.  I heard a report that Mac got up at 2:36 AM.  YIKES!  I finally got out of bed at 7 AM.  We went out and the kids saw that we got a new computer and were very excited!  They were also happy to see a few gifts sent from Uncle Dick and Nana.
Maddie got a pair of riding gloves.  Due to the rain, she has not yet gotten to use them.  Hopefully she'll try them out next week.
Look at Ryan's face!  He was intense!!  He was so happy opening gifts.  Five is a great age to be at Christmastime!!
Mac took everything in stride.  He moved around nice and easy.  He was an old pro...
Kayla and Steve were great helps.  They opened, untwisted, added batteries, etc.  The pants that Kayla is wearing, she bought for all of us.  We all had matching PJs!   It was just fantastic.
John did not really get it.  We had to coax him to open gifts.  He'd want to play around with whatever his siblings were opening.  It wasn't until later that Grandpa helped him open his toys and then he had lots of fun playing.
We made breakfast for the crew.  We had our family, Steve, Kayla, Grandpa, Grandma, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa!
For dinner, Dad, Anna, Aimee and Wyatt came by.  Wyatt totally new what to do with gifts.  It was hilarious.  
Wyatt doesn't smile for the camera.  SO, we tricked him.  Spencer wrestled and played until we got one with a smile.  Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve

We held our Wilson Family dinner on Christmas Eve this year at my Uncle Jim's home.  I drew Stephen and Kayla this year.  I got Steve a Joe Montana card.  You see, I ruined one of his football cards when I was little and wanted to replace it.  Well, it was my Great Grandma's favorite player - Steve Young.  How could I miss that?!?!  Well, now I know what to get him next time...
This is my cousin Emily and my little brother Jeff.
 Mac won't just smile for the camera.  He has to make a weird face...
 These are my cousins, Kelsey and Rachel.
This is my cousin Keaton.
This is my Aunt Cindy with Maddie.  Don't they look nice together?  Thank you Cindy!  We all had a very nice night.  

Ryan Lost Another Tooth!!

Ryan lost another tooth before Christmas!  He was so happy!  He was glad to have the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus visit him in the same week.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Nutcracker and Union Square

 Maddie and I drove down to visit Uncle Steve and Kayla.  We went to see the Nutcracker!  I thought it was going to be a family night where the kids got to see the dancers close up, but I goofed and it wasn't. We still had a fabulous time!  We got all dressed up and had room service for dinner.  Then we rode in a taxi to the theater.  We had seats on the balcony.  I wasn't sure how that would go, but it was AWESOME!
 It was really fun to watch from above.  We could see the formation of the dances in a whole new way.  We also got to watch the musicians - which you can't see from the floor.  The dancers were phenomenal!!  Maddie walked out on her toes!!

 The next morning we got up and headed over to Steve and Kayla's to see their Christmas decorations.  Isn't their tree beautiful?
 Then we took Maddie to the Crepe House for breakfast.  She got a crepe filled with Nutella.  I think that's actually dessert.  She got a side of strawberries, too.
 Then we headed to Union Square.  For a bunch of girls who don't really like shopping, we had fun!  Below is the Macy's Christmas Tree.  HUGE!
 After our adventures in SF, we headed to Oakland for some food and some Ikea shopping.  I got some bookcases.  Kayla was the muscle!!
We had a such a blast!  Kayla was a great host!!  The Nutcracker is one of my favorite holiday traditions.  I especially love to see it in San Francisco.  What a treat!

Ryan's Kindergarten Program

Ryan's class did a wonderful Christmas performance this year!  I was not able to attend on the actual day of the performance, so I went to the rehearsal.  Ryan is fourth from the right on the back row.  His line was, "R is for reindeer, especially Rudolph."  Each child had a line.  Each line started with a letter.  After Ryan's line they sang "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."  They sang several songs and even did some dancing.  We are really enjoying Mr. K as  Ryan's teacher.  On the day of the actual performance, Grandma, Grandpa, and Grampie were all able to attend.  They said is was fantastic.  I have to watch that video!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sugar Cookies

This is one of my favorite holiday activities.  The kids and I had a great time making cookies this year.  We ate a bunch of dough.  The kids are old enough to really help out this year and that makes it even more fun.  Ryan was on a serious sugar high by the end of the evening.  :)

As You Like It

On Friday night we got to go and see As You Like It performed by Bidwell Junior High.  It was our first time inside the new PV Performing Center.  It was AWESOME!!  We went to watch our favorite babysitter - Emma!  She played Hymen.  She did very well.  I loved her costume.  I tried to take a photo, but it's a bit blurry.  She's the one on the far right.  I took Maddie and Mac along and we had a nice date night!

Winter Festival at Parkview

 I have to say that this year, the festival was a bust.  I was there early to help with hot chocolate and cookies.  That was a nightmare.  There was one small pot for the hot chocolate.  It took forever and there were about a MILLION people waiting for hot chocolate.  There weren't enough cookies.  Let's just say, I learned alot for next year. 
The other bad part was that they started the program early.  So, Maddie was not on stage (nor were a few others from her class) when the singing started.  The teacher tried to convince the principal to wait, but for some reason, he couldn't.  So, by the time I ran Maddie up there she was really crying.  The poor thing was horrified at going up on stage after they started and she couldn't believe they had started without her.  She put on a brave face and finished the songs and then cried her eyes out after it was over.
It can only get better next year, right?!?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Decorating

 This Sunday we spent the afternoon decorating our Christmas tree.  Mac and I put on the lights.  Spencer, Maddie, and Ryan hung the ornaments.  Thankfully, John slept as we worked.  I thought about how this will be our last year with a rascal out to get our Christmas tree.  Time goes by too quickly!  It was a sad thought that next year our ornaments just might stay in place!
 Once the tree was up, Ryan wanted an electric train for around the tree.  Somehow he remembered that Grandma Susie had one.  He called her up and convinced her to bring it over.  My brothers used to put this up around our Christmas tree. 
The kids really love it and somehow it makes our little office magical.  John can't get enough.  He thinks it's hilarious!!

Snow Trip 2010

Last Saturday we went up the hill to hit some snow!  We had a fantastic time!!

Mac was really in his element.  We need to get this kid a snowboard!

This was John's first trip to the snow.  He didn't quite know what to think.  He crawled around in it and ate it.  Most of the time he sat on someone's lap.

Mac and Spencer sledding down on Spencer's snowboard.

The men decided to make the best snowman ever!!  That's right!  If you drive up to Butte Meadows, my guess is that he's still there.  People got out of their cars to take pictures next to him.  He's that awesome!!

Everyone thought we should use this for our Christmas card.  What do you think?

Kayla and Steve

Travis and Janel

We brought along hot cocoa and cider for after.  Ryan loved it.

Is that big foot?!?!?