Tuesday, March 5, 2013

No More Blankie

John is done with that dirty old blankie. He has loved it for four years, but it had to go. In celebration of making it 5 days without blue blankie we had a brownie with chocolate milk and got a new worker dress up outfit. It made the week a little easier to bear...

Mac is 13

So it turns out Mac doesn't like being called Malcolm. He wants to be called Macky. Ok. Ok.
Well, Macky is now a TEENAGER! It is amazing to me that he is already here. He woke up early and reminded us constantly that is was his birthday. We had a family dinner with ribs, per his request. He had a great day. I sure do love that kid.

John is 4!

John turned four! He woke up to fun gifts! We then met Grandma, Grandpa, Jeff, and Aunt Sharon at Krispie Kreme for donuts. He played all day and we celebrated that night with ice cream cake. Although, I think Ryan is the one who blew out the candle, John sure enjoyed trying to do it himself.
He wants to have his birthday again tomorrow or the next day... Poor kid has to wait another year.

Pinewood Derby

Mac and Elaine worked together to make a great car for the race. Mac had an awesome design. He didn't win, but he had lots of fun!