Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ryan's Feast Day

 Ryan's class had a Thanksgiving Feast on the Friday before Thanksgiving vacation.  Macky's class did too!  Somehow, I managed to be everywhere.  I did not take photos of Macky's class as they just ate alot!  Ryan's class did some fun activities and ate too.  The first photo is of Ryan making a Christmas ornament by using a nail to poke holes in a thing piece of metal.  He made a heart shape.
 This is Joshua dipping a candle.  This was the most exciting thing for the class.  They were all really excited to make these.  Ryan wants to use his for Christmas.

 Ryan wanted to be an Indian for the feast.  Most of the kids did.  Ryan did a wonderful job on his top.  He wrote a story using pictures.  He's been wearing the outfit all weekend.

 Sheila went to the class party at a different time than I did and took some photos for me.  This is one from her where Ryan is making a little clay bowl.  This one didn't come home as it had to dry.  I'm really excited to see his finished product.

This is Joshua, Elizabeth, and Ryan.

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