Monday, November 7, 2011

Book Family Farm Field Trip

 I was able to help Ryan's class go on a field trip to Book Family Farm.  I have been visiting out there my whole life, so I was super excited to go with Ryan's class.  They've changed quite a few things out there and the kids had a terrific field trip.  Ryan's big buddy helped Ryan to have a great time.  He was always there to encourage and support Ryan.  What a neat idea!! 
 Ryan was a bit hesitant to pet the chicken.  But, he finally did.
 He loved to help collect the eggs!
 John came along and had great fun.  He was not interested in touching any animals.  He did love climbing on the equipment, though.  He was super tired by the time we were done!
 Ryan loved feeding the sheep!
The pumpkins were a bit small, but the kids had a great time picking the perfect one to take home. It was a fabulous trip.  We even got to see Aidan on this trip!  Love that kid!