Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Maddie!

Maddie is 11!  She has had a terrific birthday!  She really wants to be a vet when she grows up, so our good friend Dr. Kimbrell took Maddie on a special tour of the Veterinary Hospital.  It is a fabulous facility!

Maddie had her best friend Haley over to play all afternoon.  We all went to see the new movie, Monster's University.  Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Jeff, and Great Grandma came along too.  Then the girls swam.  We ate dinner.  Maddie wanted chicken casserole for dinner.  Then for dessert the kids decorated brownies in lieu of cake.  It was a very fun afternoon.

 Maddie opened presents first thing on Saturday morning.  Daddy went to get donuts for her so they were ready when she woke up!
Grandpa took her to get a new fish for her birthday.  This is Laser.  He has his own tank right next to Herman.  Herman the fish is now one year old!!  Happy Birthday Maddie!!

Lake Almanor with the Carrs

 We had a great opportunity to hang out for a weekend with the Carrs at the cabin.  We all had a terrific time.
 The weather was beautiful, the lake calm.
 Jake introduced us to juicing and made the most delicious fresh orange juice.
 First thing after we all got ready on Saturday, we took a walk to the park.  It was a long walk for the kids, but they did great!
 At the park we looked for tadpoles, and got stuck in the mud.

  Most of our time we spent on the beach.  Handy Jake fixed the screen up at the cabin.  It's been ripped for years.  Thank you Jake!!
We are super grateful for our good friends the Carrs and for our family who let's us use the cabin.  Yeah Summer!

Twilight Camp

Ryan went to his first Twilight camp this summer.  He was so excited.  He had lots of fun doing relays, playing in bounce houses, and much, much, more.  He met some new friends along with playing with the old buddies.  He especially enjoyed the egg drop!

John's Upgraded

We got some new training wheels put on Mac's old bike and John is ready to hit the road!  This bike has been passed down to each boy - it's so fun to see John riding it.  Watch out!  He's fast!
We have also been to visit Caper Acres.  John's favorite spot is the cheese...
We stopped to put our feet in the water at 1 Mile.
We've also been to the library.  John loves to listen to Maddie read to him!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jaycee Graduates from 8th Grade

Jaycee graduated from Marsh! She is now a high schooler!! I can't believe it. She is just so beautiful...

Uncle Steve and Aunt Kayla Visit

The Ellingsons came for a visit. We kept them very busy!! We swam often.

John thought he might hide in Steve's luggage to get to go to Dallas!
We all went up to Lake Almanor for a lovely visit.

The town was quiet, so we all got to eat ice cream together.
Mom even played games!!

Mom made a cake for Kayla and Great Grandma.

Happy Birthday to Grandma and Kayla!!
John has quite the swing!

We sure miss them! We are already planning our next trip!!