Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Monster Concert

Ryan finally got his chance to perform in the Monster Concert. He was fantastic! He played The Rocking Horse Rag. He worked hard for months and it really paid off!

Mr. Cool & A Miracle

John sure has it rough. He has to take a bath, wash his car, and hang out with Great Grandma...

The miracle is Mac helping Maddie with her homework. It was sure nice while it lasted.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fun with Johnny

John and I are having lots of fun getting back into our normal routine after our Christmas vacation.
My brother made my day today by sending me this great old photo of us.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Eve 2012

We held our annual New Year's Eve party.  Unfortunately I did not get a single good photo - I was having too much fun!  This photo is from Jake.  For our opening activity we had helium balloons with LED lights inside.  Each family put their wishes, hopes, and/or prayers for the new year inside the balloons.  It was just beautiful.  The kids loved watching their balloons float off and move in a group, like a flowing constellation.
Then we tried to get someone to eat 7 Oreos in a minute.  Impossible.  Then everyone went off in separate directions.  Some kids played ping pong, others legos, k'nex, or blocks, some watched a movie or played games.  The adults ate, and ate, and ate.  We let the kids eat too.  :)  We had cheese fondue and a chocolate fountain.  Chocolate fountains are my new favorite.  We had chicken wings, appetizers, chips, dip, you name it.  YUM!  We all played some Just Dance.  That Dallin beat me!!  I couldn't believe it.  There will be a rematch!!  Then we played Scum.  We had to call Delayne for directions as none of us could remember how to play.  Mark was scum.  Just sayin'.  I was not, nor was I the president - that was Jake.  He had a big move up from last year, he was Scum last year.
We popped poppers at 9 PM to ring in the new year.  We intended to have a nice toast with sparkling cider, but we forgot the toast and just drank the cider.  Ha.  Maybe next year...
I believe a great time was had by all.  I know it was a fantastic night for me and for our family.

School Pictures

Here are the school pictures from this year:

This is Mac (12) in seventh grade.

 This is Maddie (10) in fifth grade.
This is Ryan (7) in second grade.

This is John (3).  He did not have a school picture this year, but this is from the wedding (Labor Day Weekend).

 Here are some more photos from the wedding.  This is a group photo with our parents.

 Man I love these guys!!
Johnny and Grandpa are best pals.