Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Utah Trip - Wright Family

 On Wednesday morning we got up and drove up to Temple Square to meet Krysti-Ann, Delayne, and kids.  We walked through the visitor's center first and had a look around.  Ryan was pleased as punch to learn about Moroni.
 The Church has all sorts of interactive displays that the children loved to look at.
 Mac is a great big brother!
 Mac enjoyed doing a state report on Utah for fifth grade.  He told the story of why the seagull is the state bird.  I wish I had had a picture of this monument for his report. 

 Above is a photo of all of the children with us, from oldest (left) to youngest. 
 In another building they have a beautiful display of Jerusalem during the time of Christ.  John rested there.  The rest of us had a good look!

 Downstairs they had a life sized diarama to look at and copies of the Book of Mormon in every language available.  John and Eliza read a bit...

The children love to look at this statue.
 Here are the kiddos lined up at Aunt Krysti's kitchen bar.
 On Thursday we got to go and see my niece Anna graduate from Pleasant Grove High School.  I attempted to take a couple of photos of her.
 Her graduating class was HUGE!

 Here is Grandpa and Anna.  Isn't she lovely?
 FAJ, Anna, and FAD!
 Here is the group of supporters at Anna's graduation.  Where's John?  Oh, he's in the one below.
 It was time to go!  Lily wasn't much better...

 My kids LOVE to play in the Wright's backyard.  The tramp was a big hit.  Maddie was really worried about John falling off of the tramp, but other than that, it was all grins and giggles!
I love this photo of Maddie and Miriam.  This is how they were together.  Miriam helping Maddie to be crazy happy!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Utah Trip - Rich Smith Family

 Our first stop on the Utah trip was to Uncle Rich and Aunt Teresa's home.  The kids had so much fun.  Unfortunately, John had an asthma attack the first morning.  So, we had to medicate him and he was a stinker to put it lightly.
The Smith home is filled with puzzles and games.  My kids had a great time doing both.  Ryan loved this ball puzzle and was able to do it all by himself.
The kids also had a great time with the boxing gloves.  Don't get any ideas Spencer.

One day I took the kids over to BYU.  I took them into the library.  They really thought it was fantastic!  Ryan couldn't believe that there was natural light so far underground.  He thought it was really fun to walk over the top of the library. 
For dinner one night we made our own pizzas.  It was really fun!
Andy worked hard and got John to be his buddy.
Ryan was very, very happy to have sugary cereal.  He ate two gigantic bowls each morning.  Yum!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Utah Trip - The Road There

 Our trip to Utah came a bit early this year.  Delayne's family and ours drove together.  We stopped at a hotel in Elko for the night.  These pictures are from the indoor swimming pool.

 Lily and Macky have become nice friends.  Mac works so hard for it, so he is so happy that Lily likes him.  John slept well.

Ryan had a great time in the water!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Silver Dollar Fair

 My favorite summer activity is going to the Silver Dollar Fair!!  I took the kids the first full day off of school.  Grandma and Grandpa came along and Daddy met us later.  We started with the pig races.  Can't miss those!  Ryan was picked twice as a special cheerleader for a pig.  The second time, his pig WON!
 He got a pig nose and did the special victory dance.  He was hilarious!!
 Below are the kids.  I can't remember the last time we had sweaters as the fair, but we needed them this year!
 After the races, we looked at the farm animals.  Then the kids wanted to try the power jump.  They all enjoyed bouncing on their own, but were unhappy with the workers helped them. 

 The kids really love the carnival game.  Ryan won the water gun race twice.  They also popped balloons with darts. 

 Mac loves to go on rides with me.  We went on the Gravitron together first.  We went on several other rides together and had a great time.  Next year I need to remember not to bring such a big purse!!
 John stayed close with Grandpa, of course!!

 The last ride we all did together - bumper cars.  We waited in a long line in the mud, but it was worth it.  It was great that we all got to do it together.