Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fourteen Years and Counting

Spencer and I celebrated our 14th anniversary on the 20th.  I found this picture of us at my mom's.  This is us when we were dating - our first Christmas together (1997).  By the next Christmas, we were married...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pictures from Friends

In cleaning out my email today, I realized I had a back log of emails with wonderful photos from friends and family.  Here is my attempt to make sure that these little bits of our family history are not lost.  Above is Maddie hard at work at art camp.  Below Maddie is with her friend, Madeline, at the Gold Nugget Museum in Paradise for a field trip (4th grade).

Above is Maddie at art camp.  She painted the toucan and was working on a beautiful drawing.  Below, John and Saydee are enjoying popsicles while waiting for the fireworks to start on the fourth of July.

Above, Maddie is playing catch with Janel while waiting for the fourth of July fireworks.  Below, Spencer is helping to entertain a random Chinese boy at the airport in China.  No language skills necessary to share an iPhone!

Above, Robert and Spencer are enjoying a hot pot restaurant.  Oh man, I'd love to try that!  Below, Spencer and Robert are working.  This is just to remind us that Spencer went to China very soon after having back surgery.
These photos are quite old.  These are of Mac and his buddies on a camp out for Scouts.  They practiced their knots and chopped wood.

Brian took some great photos.  A group shot above, and a nice happy shot of Mac below.

I think that maybe Spencer was cold.  He looks a bit grumpy!  Ha!  Below is a photo of Ryan with the Decker kids at the Chico Creek Nature Center just before camp.

Shannon had to shave her head.  Again.  So, Spencer shaved his head.  He really loves his sister and wanted to make sure that she new it.  Below, we went with the Deckers to Turtle Bay in Redding.  This is the kids in the chocolate exhibit.

Above, John and I are feeding some beautiful birds nectar.  One landed on Ryan's head and he walked around with it on his head.  One landed on John and he did NOT like it.  One of those birds peed on me.  The kids thought that was hilarious.  Below, Maddie and Elizabeth are feeding the birds.

Above is the kids in front of a chocolate display.  John refused to be included.  Below is perhaps my favorite picture from 2011 - it is me and John taking a nap on Christmas Day.

This last one is of the area where my Nana was put to rest by the Navy.  Thanks everyone for helping me to remember the important things!