Monday, May 23, 2011

Piano Recital 2011

 Mac and Maddie had a lovely piano recital yesterday.  Both kids practiced much and it really showed.  Maddie was really nervous, but performed well.  Mac read the whole time like last year.  I just patted him when it was his turn and he went up and performed.  Then he sat back down and read again.  No big deal...  The kids had lots of support and saw a few of their friends perform as well. 
This is Mac (11) and Maddie (8) with their piano teacher Roxanne.  We sure love her!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Birthday Bash!

 I arrived home in time for another birthday - Grandpa Gary's!  We decided to throw one big bash for the birthday boys and mother's day.  My Grandpa J.B. even felt well enough to come, so it was a great day!

Sightseeing in LA

 These are some crazy beautiful flowers on Olvera Street, the birth place of LA.
 On Friday we had a day to site see.  We pretty much just wanted to go and get french dip sandwiches from the original sandwich shop, so we had to kill some time in between breakfast and lunch.  We hit the old train station in LA.  It's huge and just beautiful.  It houses the subway now, so it is still in use. 
This is my family in the subway.  I wish I was a better photographer, but at least it's proof that we were there!

Wayfarers Chapel

 This is the Wayfarers Chapel.  It is a special place for my family.  My Mom and Dad were married here.  My Uncle Dick and Aunt Sandee were married here.  My Grampie's funeral service took place here.  My Nana's service just took place here.  I love this chapel.  It feels like your sitting, protected, outside.  It is right on the ocean.  The views and gardens are incredible.  It is small and just perfect.

Happy Birthday Ryan

I had to be out of town for Ryan's birthday this year.  So, I had things ready for him to have fun while I was away.  We got him a new Spiderman costume for his birthday this year.  He's worn out two others.  He really likes to play pretend and dress up as super heroes.  He is very excited about this costume!!

Happy Birthday Spencer

Spencer's birthday fell between trips for me, so it was a rushed affair.  I tried my best to make sure he had a special day despite the stress.  He wanted a nice hunting coat for Christmas...  Well, he got it for his birthday.  Better late than never!  He is all excited to take Macky hunting again. 

Trip to Utah

 I got the chance to go to Women's Conference in Utah.  I drove out with two wonderful ladies - the drive may have been the best part!  I got to visit with my ol' friend Megan and play with her cutie little Evan (in the bath above).  It was a nice restful visit.  Then I had time to myself, which was AWESOME. 
 While in Utah I was able to go to my niece's graduation at UVU.  She is going on to get her Master's.  Way to go Courtney!!  Below is her cute little Ava, who luckily loves the iPhone.

 Friday evening at the end of Conference I went up to visit our friends in Sandy.  It was snowing.  !!  I went to the pinewood derby where Parker was the kid to beat.  Sam is above on the left and Parker is on the right. 

 This is Garrett.  He's so wonderful.  His birthday is just the day after Ryan's.  They are actually only hours apart.
 This is Matt (left), Brandon (right), and Ellie (the blur).  I just love these Whitehead kids and was so happy to visit with them.  They even gave me candy for breakfast!!
 These are my nephews, Ben (left) and Zach (right).  This is the first chance I've had to see Ben since he's been back from his mission.  He is so great and so very, very tall.  He took me to see his place - it is an awesome bachelor pad! 
One more Whitehead - this is Brian.  He's in a singing/dancing group in Utah.  He was dressed for his performance.  He's so great!  I'm so thankful that I got to go and visit everyone.  I didn't take nearly enough pictures, but I was too busy having fun!

Field Trip to Chico State

We thought we were going on a field trip to the hands on science lab at Chico State, but it was actually another type of deal.  It was science, but it was more a practice for teachers who were going to eventually be in the hands on lab.  Mac had a good time learning some astronomy. 

Uncle Dick and Bike Riding with Ryan

 So we've been working very hard to get Ryan to ride a two wheeler.  Uncle Dick took up the challenge.  Don't they look like they're having fun?  No?  Yeah, so Uncle Dick was very worried that Ryan would fall and Ryan was very worried that he would fall.  I was cracking up over the seriousness of the whole thing!  It turns out all we needed to do was offer Ryan $10.  He now rides a bike.
The same day as riding fun, Aunt Delayne came over and helped Ryan make a "nest."  She found the idea in the Family Fun magazine.  They had great fun!

Field Trip to Bidwell Mansion

 I got to drive Maddie on a field trip to Bidwell Mansion.  I love that place!  Below is a picture of her at the visitor's center with her buddy and her little brother. 

Science Projects

 This year three kids entered the Science Fair.  It was the first year for Maddie and Ryan.  Ryan was super excited to be involved with the older kids.  He did a project on chemical changes.  He put lemon juice in a bottle and then put in baking soda and slapped a cork on top.  It took a few moments, but then the gases accumulated enough to shoot that cork right off the top of the bottle.  It was very exciting!!  He got third place in the fair and really did a nice job.
 Maddie's project was on osmosis.  There is a surprising lack of information on osmosis for young children.  She worked very hard and learned through her potato/salt water experiment.  She drew a very nice diagram as well.  She also placed third in the fair.
 Mac's project was a demonstration more than an experiment this year.  He made a hovercraft.  He and Spencer had lots of fun making it.  Macky did not enjoy riding it as much as we thought he would.  It worked well.  I even tried it on the pool, that did not go as well.  Below is a picture of Emily trying it out with a little help from Spencer.