Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving in SF - Friday

 One of Stephen's goals while we visit him is to completely wear out my kids.  He really did it on Friday.  He took us to a place called House of Airs.  It is a huge indoor trampoline.  There is a bouncy house for the smaller ones and a section for dodge ball.

 Spencer got to show off his flips!!
 Mac jumped like crazy, but preferred dodge ball with his dad.
 Maddie perfected the bum bounce.
 I'm not sure what Stephen is doing here.
 I was having a blast!!
 Ryan was able to do like 50 barrel jumps in a row and took some time to go down the slide too!
 Dodge ball.
 Ryan has the moves!
 John was afraid at first, but warmed up by the end.  Mac really helped him to have a good time.
 After the bouncing, we had some time to kill before lunch.  So, we went to The Fairmont Hotel.  It is a very ritzy place!  Inside they have a huge gingerbread house for people to walk through.  It is really made out of gingerbread and candy.  The roof is chocolate!  It was insane!!

 How cute are these two?
For a special surprise Steve made crab legs for dinner.  Mac and Maddie were in heaven - and exhausted.  Ryan and John had hot dogs.  Kayla and I had salmon.  Steve and Kayla you're amazing!!

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