Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Pearsons

 My good friend Mary came to visit.  Oh how I miss her!  She and I were roommates back in the day.  Her husband is in the Marines and boy howdy are they an amazing family.  They are currently stationed in San Diego, but will be moving before Christmas!  She has a boy that is Ryan's age, Evan.  The two boys had a blast playing together.
 They have a daughter Maddie's age, Elizabeth.  The two girls planned and performed a show for us.  They both love music and art.  It was so fun to see them click!
 Mary has identical twin girls.  The one in the brown is Erin.  The one in the pink (below) is Emily.
 At first, I thought that I was in big trouble and would never be able to tell them apart.  But, after one morning with them I could see the differences.  I'm sure if Mary would just move across the street I'd have it down lickety split!
How cute are these two matching car seats with cute matching girls!  It was so fun to have them play.  The kids were loud and had lots of fun.  The grown ups got to catch up.  I love the holidays!!

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