Wednesday, August 24, 2011

John Swims!

 I'm not sure what happened, but John has moved from playing around on the steps of the pool to jumping in and swimming around.  It's awesome!  He'll yell 1-2-3 Cannonball!!  Then jump in.  He'll swim to the steps, get out and do it all over again.  It is so fun to watch! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy First Birthday Saydee!

 I got to hold sweet baby Callie during the party.  She was so darling. 
Little Saydee is growing up!  I can't believe that she's already turned one.  Kacee planned a great party out at the park for her and all of her friends and family - and boy oh boy does she have a lot!!

Ice Cream Man

 We were just heading outside to swim when Ryan's little ears picked out the sound of the ice cream man.  Oh man did he start running!  He ran down the street to find the truck, then he ran up the street, then he ran back down and around the corner.  Eventually he found the source of the music and led the man to our house.  The kids had so much fun!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I'm sure that I will post many entries here about my adventures homeschooling Mac in sixth grade.  I just wanted to post this picture now to remind me about why homeschooling can be so great.  Mac loves to ripstik.  He has lots of fun doing it.  What better way to spend some recess time? 

End of Summer

Well, as we were finishing up summer we made a couple of videos.  We tried to squeeze as much fun into this summer as we could.  It's over too soon.

John swimming!

Maddie jumping in without holding her nose!

Ryan loves Rumikub. 

Glam Shot

We went to play with the Bairds the other day.  John had Shelby and Maddie doing whatever he wanted.  They would scratch his back, bring him snacks, and play with him.  Then they took him upstairs and he came back down like this.  He was so happy to be in their games!  What a crack up!

Trip to Alligator Hole

 We made another trip to the Alligator Hole.  We had the place to ourselves.  I love that place.

Off to Dallas

My brother Steve is off to Dallas.  He and Kayla have moved!  He had a horrific time moving, but he is there now and working on getting settled.  They have a lovely view of the pool from their balcony.  I can't wait to go and visit them!!

First Day of School

 On Tuesday, I started law school.  It is tradition around here to have your photo taken in front of our home on the first day of school.  Turns out I was the only dork with a backpack on the first day... 
Here are the kids on their first day of school.  Mac is staying home for school for sixth grade.  Maddie is off to Mrs. Sloan's class.  I had her as a kid and Mac has had her, so Maddie is really looking forward to it.  Ryan is in Mrs. Stuenkle's class.  He said his day was too long.  He is going to struggle for a bit, but I think he'll really enjoy it by the end.  Poor old John has to just stay home.  We went to the park to help make up for no school.  He really wants to be in first grade with Ryan. 

  I got to go and pick up Chandler from Junior High also!  He was wearing all Giants of course.  He had a great first day.  His schedule still needs to be tweaked, but he was happy to be the big man on campus.

Party Time!

 We were lucky enough to have a couple of parties this weekend.  I love parties!  Ryan, loves music.  We got the Eliza Carr soundtrack going and Ryan couldn't keep still.  He was rockin' all over the back patio!  He even got John in on the action!!
 Eliza Stapf sure likes purple salt water taffy!

 Julie went above and beyond with these cake pops.  They are super yummy and really easy to pass out to the kids.  They didn't even make a mess!  YUM!
This is a picture to show off Maddie and Bonnie's best friends necklaces. They wear them everyday to remember each other!

 We rented a sno cone machine for the parties.  It was so fun!  A little ice sure went a long way. 
This is a shot of some of the boys who came to swim on Saturday.  Dallin is now 11. Yipee!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Family Farewell

 The Stapfs moved away.  But before they left, we had a little family party for them.  I loved watching the kids eat drumsticks.  It was a race to see who could get the most messy - I think Chandler won!

It used to be so cute when Ethan would stick his tongue up his nose.  Now that he's getting older, I'm still impressed, but it's less cute...  :)
 Delayne and I went dumpster diving for boxes for all of her stuff.  That's a first for me.
 The Stapfs stayed with us once their house was packed.  I love cousins!!

Lake Almanor

 We got to go again to visit Lake Almanor.  I love that place!  We saw this bird in the water, trying to swim like a fish with wings instead of fins.  It was crazy.  We watched this bird all afternoon.  It got it's head stuck in the rocks.  My cousin called animal control for help, but they never came.  The bird eventually worked itself over to the stairs and snuck away.  I never saw it fly.
 My uncle got this huge blow up thing for the kids to play on.  It was really cool!
 You have to go really far out in the water to get some place where you can't touch.  It is shallow forever!

 Mac is now into the  Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  Thanks Uncle Rich!

 The kids played for hours together on the small strip of beach.  It really doesn't take much to have fun.

 This is my favorite shot from the trip.  John was following my grandma all around.  I remember my G. Grandma well.  She loved me and I had a good time with her.  But, I don't think she ever got down on the ground and played with me.  John has had great fun with his G. Grandma and is always asking if we can go and play at her house.  :)
This is something new at the cabin.  The kids rigged the hose to shoot water out at them and they ran through the sprinklers.  I couldn't believe they thought of that when they are so close to a lake.  They had great fun doing it though!