Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Third Birthday Eliza Carr!

On Monday we gathered together at 5 mile to celebrate Eliza! How cute is she?!? I haven't been swimming at 5 mile since I was a little kid. The kids had great fun trying to catch tadpoles and swimming around. The water was much shallower than when I was a kid, but we all still had lots of fun. The Carrs really know how to throw a party!! Happy Birthday Eliza!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Maria's Wedding

Well, these photos are all out of order! I'm sorry, but I'm not going to take the time to rearrange them!! We got back on Sunday from a long weekend in Utah. The kids and I and Aunt Delayne woke up bright an early on Wednesday morning and drove all the way through to Highland, Utah. It actually was as pleasant as a trip like that can be. Thursday we hung out with our friends in Sandy and played in the neighborhood pool. Friday we went to BYU and had a family BBQ. Saturday was filled with wedding activities and then Sunday we drove home. We had a nice comfortable stay and we wish it could have been longer. This is Spencer's mother and John. They were so sweet sitting together at the BBQ. She put him right to sleep!
By far, Maddie's favorite event of the trip was horse back riding lessons from Katie. Oh how Maddie loves Katie!! Maddie rode on the horse and even trotted. She learned how to make him go and stop. She learned how to get on and off. She is wishing for riding lessons in Chico!
This is Matthew Wise and Ryan. Matthew and Ryan were good buddies when we lived there before, and they picked up right where they left off. It was so fun to see them running around together.
This is Matthew's big sister Sam, Macky's buddy. She just cut her hair and is so cute! She likes to do lots of things Macky likes. So, they had a great time too.
This is Maddie and Alyssia. Alyssia is a great mother hen to Maddie and kept her busy!
While we were at BYU, I took the kids to the Museum of Art. I love that place! They had a special display of art from Wick, the artist who does the I Spy books. The kids had a great time walking through.
We spent alot of time in Uncle Tyler's pool. Ryan and his cousin Zack had a great time on Friday night. Zack threw Ryan all over the place! Ryan woke up every morning and said, "It looks like a great day to go swimming!"
Introducing Joe and Maria Miller. They were married Saturday, July 25th at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple in Utah.
Check our Ryan jumping off of the diving board!
Mac and Maddie both jumped off of the high diving board. It was fantastic! I was so nervous, but they did it! I just can't believe how brave they were.
These two little girls are Maddie's best friends in Utah. Ellie and Ashley are just the sweetest little things! The three musketeers hid in Ellie's closet and had great fun all afternoon. They were playing Barbies and singing. It was so cute.
Macky and Brian played video games. They are serious gamers! They surprised me by playing the old Nintendo 64...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Gary found this the other day and showed it to me. PROOF! I was a nice sister! I get such a bad rap. I admit, I now and then was a bit mean to my little brother. I'm sure he's the stronger for it!! Anyway, here is the proof that I actually was nice and loving to him too!!
This is the front of the school photo from second grade. You've just gotta love the teeth!

Lake Oroville with Don Thomas

Yesterday Spencer got off early from work and took the kids out on Lake Oroville. Our friend Don has an AWESOME boat and he has generously offered to take us out. Don brought his girlfriend and another dad and his daughter Marissa. The kids all had a fantastic time. Macky was able to kneeboard without any help and Maddie got out on the tube without an adult with her. They were both very brave!! Spencer is a fantastic wakeboarder. He jumps to crazy heights and even can do a flip!
Thank you Don!! Hopefully next time, I'll get a sitter for the younger two and be able to come myself!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Camping in the High Lakes

Brett and Ethan took Spencer and Macky camping last Friday night. They had a blast and were exhausted when they came home. Spencer jumped right into the pool with his clothes on! Ethan was filthy from head to toe!
They camped up by Morse Lake. They had to hike in carrying their stuff. Mac was a trooper and had a great attitude the whole time. Spencer was very proud!
Once they made it to camp they fished, shot cans, ate, played cards, read and much more! During the night around 1:00 am Brett woke Spencer to tell him that there was a bear nearby. They still had food in camp and of course the two little boys, so they were very worried. Spencer shot his 22 into the air a couple of times, but that didn't seem to scare the bear away. So they all started yelling really loud and the men built a big fire. Brett stayed up and kept guard the rest of the night. Macky just wanted to sleep and wasn't at all worried.
Brett said that next time they go camping, they want to go somewhere more remote... ?!?!?
Spencer wants me to camp, and I said sure as long as there are showers!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rite of Passage

Macky has been wanting to earn some money. I told him he could clean the bathrooms, wipe down the baseboards, vacuume, etc., but he wasn't so excited about those choices. Spencer said he could mow the lawn and BINGO we had a winner. Macky was bugging me all day today to show him how to mow the lawn. Spencer got home and taught him. Macky was so happy. He worked hard and didn't complain. Now he has $5 to spend.

Spencer's Beard

During our vacation to Yellowstone, Spencer stopped shaving. On our way home, I told him that I liked it and that he should keep it! So, he went to the barber and got it cleaned up and we took our week 1 photo. Then every Tuesday since we've taken a photo to see his progress. He's looking good now!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sierraville - Day 3

On our last day of our vacation in Sierraville, we went to the local branch for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Woods had called ahead and got permission for us to do the program. It was so much fun! Ryann played the prelude music and played while her dad and Spencer sang. Maddie and Ryann sang. All four of the adults got to speak too. It was a fantastic, testimony building opportunity. Everyone there was so nice and welcoming. I felt right at home.
After church, we ate lunch and got ready to go. On our way home, we stopped to try and find some tadpoles. Unfortunately, we didn't find any, but we had fun on the hunt.

Thank you Woods family for a great weekend!

Sierraville (& Lake Tahoe) - Day 2

Spencer got up super early on Saturday morning and went fishing with Alison's dad, Brother Kerr. They both served in the same mission. I think they had lots of fun and came back with two fish. Then Spencer served up his now famous crepes. Yum!After breakfast, we headed off to Lake Tahoe. I haven't been since I was a kid, so I was really looking forward to it. We had a nice set up! We brought tons of food and two umbrellas to sit under. The kids had a terrific time making sand castles, looking for cool rocks, burying each other, and catching crawdads. I think crawdads were the best part of the whole afternoon. The kids were crazy for them. Spencer had not only our group of kids helping him, but a few extra friends as well.

After a nice day at the beach we went back to the cabin for dinner and some card games. I lost miserably and hope to redeem myself at our next get together...