Friday, December 27, 2013

Miscellaneous Christmas

We had so much fun at home this Christmas season.  Unfortunately we had a lot of illness, but it was nice to be together - even sick!
Christmas just isn't Christmas without Grandma's sweaters.  She has a bunch of awesome Christmasy sweaters.
I caught Maddie snuggling with John and reading him Christmas stories.  That was my favorite!
Just in case you were worried that Maddie wasn't spending time with horses, she absolutely has been. She's been training a new one.  She's in love!
John and Maddie helped me to make some peanut butter cookies with kisses in the middle.
Christmas morning!  John was so excited about each gift.
The kids were so great with each other - very curious to see what the others got.
The Butte County Library is doing a fundraiser.  You can buy this really cool puzzle for $10.  I believe that the art work was done by a local artist.  We had a lot of fun on Christmas Eve putting it together.
Mac was very happy to get a new iPod for Christmas.  He also loved his Dr. Who loot.  Apparently the shirt I picked out is really funny.  I don't get it.  Lol.
Grandpa scored big points by getting Grandma a new chair.  She was so surprised and excited!!  Doesn't she look comfortable?
Can you tell Mac likes this shirt?  He finally got a hair cut!  I really like it.  He likes it too because it's still long.
To say John loves costumes is an understatement.  This is what he bought with his Christmas money. He LOVES it.  
John and I went on a little date to get smoothies.  He picked it out and wanted to do a puzzle.  So, we took the puzzle that Maddie got him for Christmas.  It was a great lunch!
Somehow I didn't get a picture of Christmas dinner, probably because I was busy cooking and cleaning!  We had a full house and great food.  I am so thankful for the many, many blessings that are represented at our full table.  We are blessed with health, comfort and love.  I'm thankful for the blessings of the gospel and the joy that comes from teaching my children about it and Christ.  I love the Christmas season and I'm sad to see it fading.

Grampie Fun

Ryan is getting ready for the pinewood derby.  He wanted Grampie to help him make his car this year.  So, we went over and spent the afternoon.  Maddie and I helped decorate for Christmas while the boys worked in the garage.

After we finished decorating, I took the little boys down to the school.  There is a new play structure/exercise area.  The boys had fun doing physical fitness test.

Christmas Fun

The kids helped me to make all kinds of treats for Christmas.  We made the pretzel treats with kisses and M&Ms, chocolate chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate chip cookies, and more!
This ornament is proof that my Mom's cat is at least 17 years old!!

Christmas Play

The kids put on a great Christmas play at school based on the Christmas story as told in the Book of Mormon. Ryan was a shepherd. 
We had an angel, prophets, and lots of action and singing. The kids loved it!
Maddie was Mary.

Mac was the tax collector. I did not get to see the actual performance as I was at work, but the dress rehearsal was great. Best of all the children really learned the scriptures and how all the pieces of the scattered story fit together.


This year instead of going to the Nutcracker in San Francisco, we stayed in Chico and supported Shelby by watching her dance studio's new Christmas show, Believe. It is based on The Polar Express. It was just wonderful. Shelby was spectacular. All of the kids really enjoyed it. It was so fantastic to stay local and be able to take the whole family to such a beautiful and professional production!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sugar Cookies

 We have started our Christmas traditions.  This year we made two different types of sugar cookies.  We made gluten-free sugar cookies and the regular sugar cookies.
The kids are so excited for Christmas!!!

Snow Day

 We had a hard freeze early in December.  It even snowed in Chico just a bit (it didn't stick).  So, we decided to go up and cut down our Christmas tree.  Unfortunately, the Christmas tree permit place was not open on the weekdays.  So instead, we went to Forest Ranch and played in the snow.  The kids loved it.  The snow was too dry to make a snowman.  That was a big bummer.  Hopefully we'll get the chance to do that later.