Sunday, November 7, 2010

Field Trip to Gateway Science Museum

 I got to go with Maddie's class to the Gateway Science Museum near Chico State last week.  The exhibits have all changed since we were there last and so it was very fun!  The first room had the children learning about different kinds of trees.
 The second room is much the same, with lots of hands on activities.  Maddie loved their pet spider and she happily made rubbings.
 The third room was my favorite.  It explores math in nature.  Maddie and her buddies had fun doing the Fibonacci spiral.
 The best part was going to Delayne's to get  John and finding this:
Delayne is a super awesome person, and a better-than-average Aunt.  She is just spectacular!  John doesn't just fall asleep on people.  Delayne filled up his tummy (no simple feet) and then he just crawled up on her and fell asleep.  I couldn't believe it.  I am so thankful for Delayne and for all of the love she showers on my children.  I just couldn't do without her!!

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