Friday, July 30, 2010

Turtle Bay 2010

The Stapfs and I took the kids up to Turtle Bay in Redding for a fun day trip.  Grandpa Gary came along to help us out.  We had a terrific time!  They have a new exhibit there where the kids can try out some geocaching.  They all had a great time - except maybe Eliza who couldn't find her mom in the maze.  She didn't like that.  She hung out with me until we found Delayne, then she was happy.  But, before hitting the maze we did lots of other things too!
John loved looking at all of the fish.  The older kids tried to figure out which kinds of fish they could see swimming by.

Ryan loved all of the hands-on exhibits.  

Bonnie and Maddie are best friends. They don't care where they are as long as they are together!

We walked across the sundial bridge at the end.  It was a million degrees outside, but it was fun!

These are some of my favorites.  We were missing two.  We sure missed Chandler and Jaycee!!

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