Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kacee's Baby Shower

Sunday was a special day.  We are getting a new baby in the family and I am so excited.  My cousin Jason's wife Kacee is expecting their first mid-August.  It's been so fun!  Kacee, Jason, and I all went to high school together.  Jason and I grew up together.  His mom and mine are best friends.  Kathy is a superstar.  She taught me to always tell the truth and to keep up with the boys!  I love her!!  So, my mom got her a grandma shirt.  My mom loves grandma shirts, and it looks like Kathy is pretty pleased to have one too.
Kacee was so nice and let Maddie help her with the presents.  Maddie was so happy to be apart of things.
My Mom made this Eeyore blanket for Kacee and Baby Girl Perez.  Kacee loves Eeyore.
We just can't wait to meet our new little girl!

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