Sunday, July 18, 2010

Camp Gud Klein Fun - Day 3

Bright and early Saturday morning, Spencer and Macky went to do some deep sea fishing.  Spencer had been sick, but he really wanted to do this with Macky.  Unfortunately, after they got out on the boat, the captain decided that the weather was too bad.  They were back by 11 without being able to fish.  Oh well, maybe next year...

So, we went to the beach again.  I went this time.  It was super windy.  I couldn't believe the children were playing in the water.  It was so fun to relax and chit chat.  I LOVE the beach.

This was how we bathed the little ones.  Ryan loved it.  He got all nice and warm.  It was hard to get him out when he was all clean!

We went into Fort Bragg for dinner and fireworks.  We ate the best pizza and this fun crowded local shop.  Then we headed to the cliffs for the show!  I really love being an Auntie.  It's exceptional.

This is the area where we sat.  The weeds were so much fun to play in!

It was cold.  I cuddled with whoever I could!!

This is my first attempt at a sunset shot.

So, we got their before sunset and had a while to wait.  Spencer decided to play sardines with the kids in the weeds.  This is where one person hides and all of the others try to find him.  Once you find him, you hide along too until everyone has found him.  The kids had a blast.  We had 13 kids all on our own, but next thing you know Spencer had rounded up a bunch of extras too.  There's never too many!  This is a picture of everyone counting, while one person hides.

The fireworks were great.  If I had to do it again, I would take more blankets.  The traffic wasn't too bad, but the drivers were CRAZY.  We got to talk with some firefighters and they gave us Smokey the Bear bookmarks.  Awesome!!


  1. i love the picture of you crouched down with John in the water. you look so cute and happy! PS I love camping and my memories of you camping :)

  2. Okay, so I'm not really a "camper" yet/still, but I LOVE the beach. Put babies on a beach and I'm in heaven.