Sunday, July 18, 2010

Camp Gud Klein Fun - Day 2

There was an awesome park in our campground!  We went there first thing Friday morning.  

Next a bunch of people hit Caspar Beach, which was just outside our campground.

Don't let the kids fool you, it was freezing!!

This was so gross!!

After they all got back, we found Aidan in a tree.  Can you see him?
I brought stuff from home to make bug jars for the kids.  The girls made them.  The boys didn't decorate so much, but they did use the jars.  One jar was FULL of slugs.  EW!

Mac, Ethan, and Aidan worked on this tree.  They hollowed it out and had a great time doing it!

There was a stream right next to our camp that the kids loved to play in.  Ryan splashed around and tried to keep up with the big boys.

The big boys caught stuff like this:
John worked very hard to get around camp.  The uneven surfaces were tricky, but he made it with a little help.

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