Friday, July 30, 2010

Lake Almanor with the Woods 2010

We made it on our annual trip to Lake Almanor with the Woods.  It was so fun!  We hadn't been able to spend time together much over the summer and we've really missed our friends.  We just LOVE Lake Almanor, too.  It's a bit of heaven on Earth.

The water is very high right now and John could touch for a long ways out.  It was really fun to watch him explore!

I'm sorry that this picture is so bad, but it's the best one of the two of them playing together.  John kept hitting Campbell, poor girl.  He does love her.  It's so nice that they are getting old enough to play together.

This is how Macky felt about going to the park.

Ryan didn't know what a stump was, so we took him to a stump. 

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