Sunday, July 3, 2011

Utah Trip - Whiteheads and Hills

 Here we are in Sandy.  This is Jeff Hill with his little Bryant, and our little John.  John was not a very happy camper and Jeff was AWESOME with the distraction techniques.  I was able to help with dinner a bit...
 This is Maddie and her buddy Ellie.  At this point Maddie was entering in to the beginning of mono.  We didn't know it then, but I sure feel badly for her.  She was pretty miserable for this visit. 
 Our favorite thing to do with the Whiteheads is play cards.  The kids had a great time with all sorts of games. 
 The Hill have a fun swing in their backyard.  Maddie had a great time on it. 
 Here we are playing Wackee Six - a crowd favorite.  One of the kids got the camera here and started taking photos. 

 This is cute Garrett.  This kid played so hard, I found him asleep on the couch twice!  He is Ryan's birthday buddy.

 Brian loves electronics.  We figured out how to connect with each other via Skype.
Here's a nice photo of Macky blowing a bubble.  I think he's also wearing a Darth Vader mask as well.  I didn't get too many photos this time as we were just too busy having fun.  Matt Whitehead graduated from high school just after our visit with them.  He's already started at the U.  He is just so awesome it's fun to see him grow up!!  Brandon and Brian had singing performances.  We also got to visit with the Wises and catch up with that fun family.  Alicia has really grown up and is starting to wear make up.  Samantha was as fun as ever - wearing her trademark pony tail.  Matthew has started to play soccer and is on Garrett's team.  They are both very good.  Steve is their coach.  Man they are all very busy!!

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