Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lake Almanor for Steve's 30th Birthday!

 We drove up for a long weekend at the Lake.  Grandma Vonnie came along and was a great help.  First on our agenda was ice cream!  We went into Chester to eat at the ice cream counter.  We went early and were the only customers.  It felt to early to have ice cream, but we made ourselves since it was just so good!
 My grandma always gets a strawberry soda.  She says that this place in Chester is the only place that makes it properly.
 Mac got a 3D puzzle while we were at the ice cream shop and he spent the rest of the afternoon working on it.  It turned out awesome!
 We made it to the park in the afternoon.  It wasn't super hot, so the kids didn't really want to swim.
 The lake was the highest it's ever been.  Crazy high!!  There was no beach to play on.  We were especially happy this year to have the grass out back of the cabin.
 I love this log.  I was hoping to go and sit on it, but at least I got this picture.
 The kids really had fun playing baseball with Spencer. 
 Spencer was so happy to have a boat on his truck.  I tried to capture his happy face, but he moment had passed by the time I took this picture.  He was in absolutely heaven.

 We got to go tubing on Saturday afternoon.  Ryan was terrified, but everyone else had a great time.  Even John!!

 We made smores twice.  I love those things.  Plus, I only caught the BBQ on fire once.
 Kayla brought a delicious cake for Steve's birthday.  The kids said it had fudge on top!

 Steve helped the kids lay crawdad traps.  The had lots of fun rowing over there and laying the traps.  It was harder to get it up.  They did not catch any crawdads.  :(

Uncle Stephen at his best!

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