Sunday, July 3, 2011

Utah Trip - Tyler Smith Family

 Here we are at our last stop on our Utah trip.  This is my niece Courtney with her little Ava in Uncle Tyler's swimming pool.  The kids were all dying to go swimming, even though it wasn't too hot.
 John never got in the whole way, but he did like splashing his feet in the pool.
 Mac enjoyed the water slide!
 Aunt Delayne is the most fun!
 Mac and Ethan got their first taste of a rip stick and they both loved it!!
 We ate some popsicles.  Lily was so funny - she hates the grass on her bare skin, so she would sit with her legs raised to eat the treat.  The abs on that girl!!  Meanwhile, some of the kids got to go and see Katie's horse, Sam.
 Bonnie worked like a maniac to lose a tooth.  It was totally disgusting.  She has three missing teeth now!!

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