Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Little Bit of This and That

 The kids wanted to make some water balloons.  After they flooded the bathroom, I sent them outside.  I found them here, in their "secret" hide out.  They had gotten into my canning supplies and were putting them to good use. 
 For family home evening last week, I promised brownies only to discover that I didn't have the stuff to make them.  I only had pudding.  I was worried how the kids would take pudding.  It turns out they were ecstatic!  Why don't I make pudding more often??  Ryan loved it especially.
 My good friend Mary came for a visit with her kiddies.  We were so busy I only managed one picture.  These are her twin girls and John being pulled in our red wagon by Maddie.  It was HOT!!
 Cousins in a bath.  Great summer moment.
 Zane will sleep anywhere.  He doesn't sleep for long - but when he does it cracks me up.  We went to the church to clean and here he is asleep on the Relief Society room floor. 
 Ryan went to his first skating party last weekend.  He had never gone skating before and was very brave.  He fell on him bum really hard one time, but kept going.  I was really proud of his effort.  I wish I had worn sneakers instead of sandals.  I'll have to remember that for next time.
Kayla helped out with my kids alot this last weekend.  I bet she read 50 books.  Scratch that, she read one book 50f times.  Here she is in the back yard with John. 

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  1. re: canning supplies in secret hideout

    I'm so glad to see this. I often feel my kids miss out because they have different interests than I did at their age. I try to encourage them to get outside and use their imaginations. A screwdriver makes an awesome throwing knife. Two large bolts tied at the ends of a rope makes a perfect bolas or suruchin. A limb from a tree in the back yard would make a great bow. Anyway, hiding out in the backyard with Jen's canning supplies is a good start.