Wednesday, July 27, 2011


 This year has really been something, to say the least.  I was going through my email and realized that there were all sorts of photos that I haven't posted to my blog yet.  I wasn't going to post any of the sad things that have happened, but decided that years from now, I'll want to remember - so here are some happy and sad photos.  The above is my step-dad Gary, who had a stroke on April 4, 2011.  He had a second one before his stint in the hospital was over.  I spent my birthday in the hospital this year.  He had to be flown from Chico to SF for special tests.  One was some kind of test that measured his brain waves - hence the awesome headdress you see above. 
 These are the Ellingson ladies.  From left to right, Kieu, Kayla, Me, Anna, Aimee, and Marsha. We were all together for my Nana's funeral in April. 
 This is a great shot of Ryan with his buddy Joshua - who got perfect attendance!!
 Mac did a special Colonies project for school.  He learned about the 13 original colonies and even got to dress up like a colonist!

 This is Mrs. Henry.  She is my favorite.  This is Maddie with her 3rd grade teacher on the last day of school.

 On the last day of school, Spencer went and ate lunch with Maddie and her friends.  Maddie was so happy!!
Mac is working hard as a Boy Scout.  He is hoping to earn his Tenderfoot this month!  He had to go camping and make breakfast for everyone as part of his recognition.  Yum!

This is the Ellingson side of my family.  I got to meet my dad's cousin Marsha at this time.  She is awesome!  It was like having a piece of my Nana with me for a bit.  She came all the way from Massachusetts.  I'm so glad that she did.  I hope to be able to go and visit her one day.
I had to miss Ryan's kindergarten play.  He was a big bad wolf in the Three Piggy Opera.  I heard that he did a fantastic job.  He loved the songs and all of the practicing!  These pictures are from Sheila - thanks a bunch!!

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  1. Ryan was such a cute wolf! He has a future in acting for sure!