Sunday, July 3, 2011

Smith Family Reunion 2011

 Well, I must start with the portable potty because it's just so dang funny.  This thing was parked out front of Delayne's house for the reunion weekend.  One bathroom just isn't enough for this crowd. 
 This is Zack.  He's John's favorite.  John bossed him around all weekend and LOVED it.  He really misses Zack now that he's gone.  Zack is just the nicest kid ever.  He was so patient and loving with John. 
 Spencer made his famous crepes for breakfast one morning.  We all loved to eat them.  Then we headed out to the park.
 We spent the day swimming, playing, and eating.  I did lose Ryan for a bit on this day - that was stressful.  Again, thanks to Zack for helping me find him!!  Aunt Christie brought pixie sticks, John loved them.
 Delayne threw a mini-baby shower for Sabra.  We even had cupcakes.  Poor Sabra looked so uncomfortable!  She was a trooper.
 Spencer and Zack taught Maddie and Ryan how to play chicken.  Maddie was so nice, she'd work hard to knock Ryan off but then pull him up at the last second so that he wouldn't actually fall off.
 Uncle Dan came to the rescue and fixed my ailing sound system.  We can now listen to music in the backyard while we swim.  Wahoo!!  John loved watching him work.
 This is Spencer with his brothers, sisters, and parents.

 This is little Joseph.  He's great-grandbaby number two for the Smiths.  He is just adorable!
 Spencer with his brothers.
 Tyler has what I call a "Macky face" on in this photo.  I knew it didn't come from my side!!
 Delayne is so happy with her family.  It was really nice to watch.

 Delayne and company made chicken salad for lunch one afternoon.  It took alot of fingers shredding several chickens to make enough.  It was crazy.
 Here's the group shot.  Thanks to Julie for making this happen!
 The last thing that we all did together was celebrate Bonnie's baptism.  We ate dinner together in the Church before hand and then all went to the baptism.  I was lucky enough to be able to give a talk on the Holy Ghost.  I was really thankful to be able to do that.  I just love, love, love Bonnie Rita.
 By the last day, John and Elsie really bonded.  It made me wish that she could have stayed just a couple of more days...  We did get to keep Andrew and Miriam for a bit extra and enjoyed the time that we had with them.

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