Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter Festival at Parkview

 I have to say that this year, the festival was a bust.  I was there early to help with hot chocolate and cookies.  That was a nightmare.  There was one small pot for the hot chocolate.  It took forever and there were about a MILLION people waiting for hot chocolate.  There weren't enough cookies.  Let's just say, I learned alot for next year. 
The other bad part was that they started the program early.  So, Maddie was not on stage (nor were a few others from her class) when the singing started.  The teacher tried to convince the principal to wait, but for some reason, he couldn't.  So, by the time I ran Maddie up there she was really crying.  The poor thing was horrified at going up on stage after they started and she couldn't believe they had started without her.  She put on a brave face and finished the songs and then cried her eyes out after it was over.
It can only get better next year, right?!?

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