Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The State Capitol

 We decided to take a field trip today.  The Pings were nice enough to come along.  We took a trip to the state capitol in Sacramento.  I have never been before and neither have any of my kids.  We started the tour in the basement.  We thought we might be the only people, but before long we were joined by a few others.
 Here we are in the Assembly room.  It is all green.  The desks inside are the original.  The kids enjoyed the Latin on the wall and the painting of Abraham Lincoln.
 This is the original design of the California State Seal.  There are 31 stars on the seal because California was the 31st state in the Union.  The woman in the seal is the Goddess of Wisdom.
Here we are after the tour.  This is in front of the Governor's office.  We are in front of a great bear.  We got to go inside and see the reception area.  It was no too exciting.  They have moved a bunch of stuff out as the switching of Governor's will happen soon.

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