Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Decorating

 This Sunday we spent the afternoon decorating our Christmas tree.  Mac and I put on the lights.  Spencer, Maddie, and Ryan hung the ornaments.  Thankfully, John slept as we worked.  I thought about how this will be our last year with a rascal out to get our Christmas tree.  Time goes by too quickly!  It was a sad thought that next year our ornaments just might stay in place!
 Once the tree was up, Ryan wanted an electric train for around the tree.  Somehow he remembered that Grandma Susie had one.  He called her up and convinced her to bring it over.  My brothers used to put this up around our Christmas tree. 
The kids really love it and somehow it makes our little office magical.  John can't get enough.  He thinks it's hilarious!!

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