Monday, December 6, 2010

Snow Trip 2010

Last Saturday we went up the hill to hit some snow!  We had a fantastic time!!

Mac was really in his element.  We need to get this kid a snowboard!

This was John's first trip to the snow.  He didn't quite know what to think.  He crawled around in it and ate it.  Most of the time he sat on someone's lap.

Mac and Spencer sledding down on Spencer's snowboard.

The men decided to make the best snowman ever!!  That's right!  If you drive up to Butte Meadows, my guess is that he's still there.  People got out of their cars to take pictures next to him.  He's that awesome!!

Everyone thought we should use this for our Christmas card.  What do you think?

Kayla and Steve

Travis and Janel

We brought along hot cocoa and cider for after.  Ryan loved it.

Is that big foot?!?!?

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