Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

We held our Wilson Family dinner on Christmas Eve this year at my Uncle Jim's home.  I drew Stephen and Kayla this year.  I got Steve a Joe Montana card.  You see, I ruined one of his football cards when I was little and wanted to replace it.  Well, it was my Great Grandma's favorite player - Steve Young.  How could I miss that?!?!  Well, now I know what to get him next time...
This is my cousin Emily and my little brother Jeff.
 Mac won't just smile for the camera.  He has to make a weird face...
 These are my cousins, Kelsey and Rachel.
This is my cousin Keaton.
This is my Aunt Cindy with Maddie.  Don't they look nice together?  Thank you Cindy!  We all had a very nice night.  

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