Thursday, December 8, 2011

Uncle Brett's Birthday

 We got to go and visit Greenville for Uncle Brett's birthday.  Delayne and I planned it as a surprise for Brett!  The kids had so much fun hanging out together.  Eliza was "reading" to John.  Saying that John loves Eliza is a major understatement!  He followed her around all weekend.
 We missed Ethan's birthday at the end of November, so we took him a present too.  That kid loves to read.  I can't believe that he is 11!!
 On Saturday we went to the school Book Fair and the little Christmas party that they had in the cafeteria.  Ryan LOVED the crafts.  He tried them all out.
 John stuck to the cookies.  He had his own container of frosting, which was good as he ate from the knife and then stuck the knife back into the frosting.  No one wanted to share with him after that.
 Lily enjoyed the candy cane that she got from Santa.  She did not enjoy Santa, however. 
 Eliza put tons of frosting and candy on her cookie.  I wish I had gotten a photo of it after she had finished.

 While I was away with the little ones at the school, the men cut and stacked wood.  This was the idea for Brett's "party."  They need so much wood stacked and chopped for the winter and they moved up rather late in the season.  So, we hope that they are all set now!

 Is Spencer a stud or what?!?
 Zane helped Delayne to make the birthday pie!!  (Brett prefers pie to cake.  Delayne also made cake and cookies, being the overachiever that she is!!)
The blur in the photo above is Lily.  She thought it was great to swing with Uncle Spencer.  He would hold the back of her zip up pjs.  It was a crack up!!  I'm still sad that Delayne and Brett moved away, but it is super fun to visit them!!

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