Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve with Grampie

 On Christmas Eve we went over to Grampie Bob's to celebrate together.  I think all of my pictures of Wyatt are blurry, that kid moves fast!!
 The kids enjoyed opening some gifts early.  Uncle Dick sent some nice presents to the kids, too.  Mac is opening a Boy Scout book here. 
 John needed help opening it.  He figured out if Daddy did it, he got to the present faster!
 Wyatt was very interested in John's fire truck. 
 The two were fast buddies on their fire trucks.  It was so cute to watch them ride around putting out "fires."

 Ryan got an airplane, which promptly broke.  Grampie is going to try to get parts to fix it. 
 Mac got this neat remote control truck with a helicopter.  Thankfully that one came with replacement parts. 
Here Maddie is giving the rip stick a shot.  Pretty good!

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