Thursday, December 1, 2011

Grampie's Leaves

 We don't have very many leaves at our house.  What we do have seems to end up in the pool!  So, we like to go to Grampie's house to help rake his yard.  He has plenty of leaves for us to work with!  Mac really liked using the outdoor vacuum to suck up some of those leaves.  The kids all wanted to use it.  Mac also mowed Grampie's lawn for the first time.  It was fun to watch him do it, it reminded me of Stephen. 
 John loved playing in the leaves.  Grampie had a special small rake for him to use.
Maddie loves to throw the leaves which is a bit counterproductive, but fun.

 Grampie is teaching Ryan to wet down the pile of leaves so that the pile won't blow away. 

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