Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ryan and Santa

 Ryan is SUPER excited about Christmas.  He has been very serious about his Christmas list.  He made a several page long list where he cut pictures out of a catalog and pasted them on to paper.  He put his papers in a folder and wrote on the front, "To: Santa, From: Ryan."  It was awesome.  He worked hard for hours.  He used alot of glue and tape.  Then he had to go and show it to Santa.  Now, he understand that the Santa in the mall is just a helper, so he insisted that the helper Santa kept the list to take to the North Pole.  Santa took his time and really looked over the list.  Then Ryan added that he also wanted a reindeer, but he didn't find a picture of one.  Santa suggested that maybe he couldn't fit all of that in his sleigh and could he tell him his favorite things.  But, Ryan insisted that since Santa is magic,  he could handle the load.  I whispered in Ryan's ear that he should say that he would be thankful for whatever Santa brought.  Ryan pushed me away and looked at me like I was crazy.  I was messing up his bargaining with Santa!  I laughed so hard.  That poor kid.
Here are Maddie and Ryan after their visit with Santa.  John would not go anywhere near Santa.  He ran straight to Grandma.  Macky took off for Game Stop immediately upon hitting the mall...

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