Sunday, May 24, 2009

Silver Dollar Fair

On Friday night my parents and I took my kids to the Silver Dollar Fair. I LOVE the fair. It's one of my favorite Chico things! We started off this trip with the Shark exhibit. They had two nurse sharks and two lemon sharks. They were young ones and they had them in a big tank. A diver got into the tank with the sharks and danced with them. It was crazy. Ryan was terrified at first. Macky put his arm around him and helped him feel better. It was so sweet.
Macky tried out this Spiderman thingy. It had a trampoline on the bottom and then he had to climb through to the top. He actually fell a couple of layers one time. I about had a heart attack! He thought it was great. Then there's a big slide to get back down. Then we hit the ponies. Maddie and Ryan have been talking about this all year, ever since they went last year. Maddie remembered the name of her horse from last year - crazy! Her horse this year was named Lolly and Ryan's was Patty. They were very happy on their horses.

After the ponies, we were all starving and needed a rest. Grandpa Gary bought us a whole pizza! Believe it or not - we ate the whole thing! I nursed John right out in the open (with my cover, of course). That was not my favorite part, but necessary. After eating, the kids got quarters from Grandpa and went to see the monkey. Macky didn't want anything to do with it, but Maddie and Ryan had a great time.

After the monkey we hit some rides. Mac and I went on a roller coaster. It was awesome, we screamed our heads off. Then we got some treats. Finally we headed to see the animals. Maddie's buddy's brother had a lamb that we wanted to check out and the cutest baby pigs. By the time we had gone through to see the animals, John was wiped out and sound asleep. Grandma Susie is magic!

I can't wait for the fair next year!!

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  1. I used to love going to the fair! I wonder if going now would ruin all my memories? I hate when doing things as a adult does that!