Friday, May 22, 2009

Padres vs. Athletics

Last night Macky's baseball team (Athletics) played Chandler's baseball team (Padres). We really had lots of fun. Maddie and Ryan played with Jaycee, which made my life easier. I thought it was especially cute when Chandler made it to third base and Macky was the third baseman. They were talking and telling each other good job, etc. What good boys! After Chandler came over to tell Macky good game. It was a real pleasure to watch them and to see what good sportsmen they are. Macky got a hit, it ended up foul, but he was very excited to get a piece of that ball. I believe that the Padres won in the end, Chandler making the winning run. Maddie, Ryan, and Jaycee were spoiled with candy from Grandpa Gary and John enjoyed a nice nap on Grandma Susie's shoulder. What a nice summer evening.

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