Sunday, December 16, 2012


 We all just got back from a trip to the city to see the Nutcracker.  It is my favorite holiday activity.  This year was Ryan's first time.  We got there early so that we could see the ballerinas.  The kids were given reindeer as they walked in. 

 Each family could take one photo with the dancers. 

 We explored the building and found some really neat spots.

 This was our view from our seats.

 During the intermission, the kids got cookies and juice boxes. 

 My favorite comment from the ballet was at the very beginning when Ryan asked, "Why aren't they talking.  When will they sing?"  Oh man.  I was worried then.  But, he really got into it.  They fire a canon live on the stage - that got his attention!

After the ballet, we put our name in at the Cheesecake Factory and then went down to Macy's.  The kids even got to visit Santa.
 Both of them asked for a puppy. 

 They got to write a letter to Santa as well.  A really nice woman gave them stamps so that we could actually mail them.
 The kids loved the Cheesecake Factory.  YUM!  What a great evening.  It was so fun to share it with Jodi, Barbara, and Shelby.  Great tradition!

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