Sunday, December 16, 2012

Everything Else

 Here are all the pictures that have been hanging out in my inbox, waiting to be posted to the blog.  First up is a picture of Joshua and Ryan eating lunch.  They eat together every day.
 This is Maddie on the first day of school.  She rides the bus.  I followed her up the first day to make sure she was okay.  No need - super nice girls took great care of her.
 This is the end of summer Decker party.  I hope it becomes a tradition.

 Ryan decided he wanted to earn extra money.  So, he went over to the Picketts and offered to rake their leaves for just $1.  Rake he did!  Cindy was a great sport.  Ryan felt super lucky to get that $1!

 Maddie, Grade 5 (10 years old)
 This is John at the wedding.  3 years old.
 Best friends
 The whole gang.
 Take a look at John's face in these photos.  He's so funny!

 This photo was on our Christmas card this year. 
 Mac, 7th Grade (12 years old)
 This is Maddie after the opening night of Oliver!
Ryan, 2nd Grade (7 years old)

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