Sunday, December 16, 2012

Barth-Ellingson Wedding!!

 We drove, flew, drove some more and finally arrived in Minnesota!  The kids were tired!!
 The next morning, John threw up... of course.  But we were all so excited for the wedding!  Ryan was the ring bearer and Maddie was a flower girl. 

 Kayla was wonderful!  We all exchanged gifts.  What fun!
 There are so many pictures, but I tried to only put a few here so that we will remember the special day.
 Mike O'Donnell and I walked down the aisle together.  Thank goodness he helped me, my heels were high - I couldn't have done it alone!
 Maddie and Kayla's nieces did a lovely job of throwing the petals down for Kayla to walk on. 
 Ryan took his job very seriously.
 Kayla walked down the aisle with her mom.
 Stephen looked good!
 Spencer and Adam Landis were the officiators at the wedding.  The were a great team.
 I love kissing photos!!

 Macky hit the video games early on in the reception.  Surprise, surprise.

 Grandpa took good care of John all evening.

 Aunt Kathy and Aunt Sharon came all the way to Minnesota too!!

 I think Janel may have won the best hair award.  She looked good!!!
 Kayla's dress was just beautiful.  She added this gorgeous belt for the reception.
Gotta love Travis!!  He and Janel are so good to Steve and Kayla.  It was a fantastic, whirlwind weekend!  I wish we all could have hung out longer.  So glad that Kayla is ours!!

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