Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve 2010

 New Year's Eve started with a visit from Grampie, Aimee, and little Wyatt.  While we were draining a bit off the top of the pool, Wyatt got busy in the mud!
Ryan wanted to be a helper.  He vacuumed major leaves off of the bottom of the pool.  By the way, this is Ryan's favorite outfit.  This is what he wears every time it's clean.  Boots and all!!
We held our usual family party on New Year's Eve.  This year for fun we played several games from Minute to Win It (thanks for the idea Kayla!).
Here, Julie is trying to keep three balloons in the air with one hand.
Jake is trying to stack 3 golf balls.
Spencer is trying to stack 28 cups into a pyramid and then stack them all back again.
Here Julie and Jen are desperately trying to empty a box of tissues with just one hand.  They both finished in a minute, but Julie was a bit faster...

Meanwhile, the kids watched movies and ran around.  They played a few games with the grown-ups too!
By the end of the night, we were playing Scum.  I was Scum and so was Mac.  Delayne did not make it as president this year - I think that's a first!
Happy New Year's!

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