Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eliza Turns 4

 Eliza is four years old!  Boy, oh, boy did Delayne out-do herself with the festivities this year!!  Eliza had an awesome tea party for her little friends on Saturday.  Delayne and Julie made an awesome Barbie cake.  Delayne had crowns, toile, the works!  On Sunday, we had a family party for Eliza.  Delayne made this awesome cake.  When slices, she added a stick and the cake looked like a lollipop.  It was awesome!
 It took a couple of tries, but she was able to blow out the candles all by herself!
 It freaked Eliza out a bit when we all stared at her while she opened her present, so Mom had to go in and help her.  Everyone was excited to see what she got.  I'm so excited for this year for Eliza.  She has grown so much and is really starting to be a fun little person to play with!!

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