Monday, September 27, 2010

Steve and Kayla Move!

This weekend I got to drive down to SF with my Dad.  We went to help my brother and his girlfriend move in together.  They found a FANTASTIC apartment just a couple of blocks from her work.  It's a one bedroom, with lots of really nice architectural features and a recently redone kitchen and bathroom.  I think they are going to LOVE it there.  The only picture I thought to take was of my trunk after our trip to Ikea.  We loaded up!  Kayla and I were laughing the whole time.  Who knew shopping could be so fun?  Although, when we went shopping the next day and we were grumpy.  We were shopped out!  I think we got them pretty much settled in.  It turns out that they can get like 30 channels with rabbit ears.  How crazy is that?!  They have great restaurants nearby and we got to try one out.  Yum!  Their community is very nice and I'm looking forward to visiting again so that I can check it all out! 

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