Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mosiah 24:15

Today I tried to watch for simple learning moments.  I had a couple.  Well, I'm sure there were more, but I picked up two anyway.

The first one had to do with Mosiah 24:15.  I've come across this scripture several times lately.  Once from a talk by Mary Ellen Edmunds, once in a study guide, and once in the book 21 Days Closer to Christ.  It links well with this idea I've been playing with since my experience at TOFW.  John Byetheway suggested that we think to ourselves each morning, "I'll be delightful today."  It sounds cheesy, but it really works for me.  I have fun just saying that to myself.  When I get a bit cranky, I remember Byetheway's suggestion and I try to be delightful.  Well, sometimes it gets a bit rough to be delightful and I've only been trying for a week!  But as it teaches in Mosiah, I have felt the Lord strengthen me today and help me to bear my burdens.  I feel cheerful despite a heavy load.

The other learning moment I had today was while cleaning out the backseat of Spencer's car.  Any of you that know him, know that his car is a WRECK!  I needed it today because our van was in the shop and I wanted to pick up Maddie and Ty from school.  I got to the school and realized that there was no place for the children to sit.  I decided to scoop everything from the backseat into the trunk. 

The "everything" in his trunk was his materials for teaching seminary.  I came across the book that our ward put out a couple of years ago filled with the testimony of our members.  I went through and found mine and read it.  At first, I thought, "Man, I should have taken more time to do a better job of writing this!"  Then as I read it through, I felt the Spirit and remembered what it felt like for me to join the Church and how grateful I am for my story.  When I wrote that I did so to please our Bishop.  Now I'm so thankful that I got the opportunity to write down my testimony as it reminded me today of who I am and what I can do.  To read my old testimony, click here.

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