Wednesday, September 15, 2010

21 Days Closer to Christ

I just began reading a book by Emily Freeman called 21 Days Closer to Christ.  I am on Day 5.  The chapter for Day 4 suggests that I keep a journal of my experiences while reading this book.  As I am hopeless when writing on paper, I decided to write it here.

The idea with the book is as the title states, each day you read the chapter and assigned verses from the Scriptures.  There are some thinking questions at the end to consider.

Today I read the account of Jairus in Matthew.  The question at the chapter's end asks me to think of a time where I had to search for the Savior to find strength beyond my own.  I had a couple of thoughts.  The one I thought of sharing here is when I had my first son, Malcolm.  While pregnant, I finishing up my last semester of school.  My husband was going to school and working.  We were pretty poor, but happy.  I joke that I threw up in every bathroom at BYU and most intersections in Provo and Orem.  I spent some time with Spencer's sister, Krysti.  She taught me to can.  While we were canning, she bore her testimony to me.  She taught me how to use my spirituality to help me work through having a baby.  It was absolutely one of the best experiences of my life.  She taught me that the angels would help me when I needed it.  She taught me not just to hope for it, but to expect it.

When I was in labor with Mac, I thought I was all set.  I drove myself to the hospital - I can do anything, right?!?!!  Then the real trouble started.  Because he wanted to come so quickly, they did not have time give me any pain medications.  He was stuck because he was so dang huge.  Let's just skip some details here as I'm sure you get the idea.  Dumb lamaze sure didn't help me.  It was my relationship with Christ and my knowledge of His love for me and for Mac that helped me through that trial.  I am constantly grateful for the power of testimony and the lasting effects of experience.  Thankfully, I don't have huge trials like that every day, but I get to keep my testimony and strength of character.

So while thinking about it, I believe that I learn the most about the Savior by watching and listening to others.  It is good for me to read the Scriptures and to pray and such, but I think the strongest factor in my developing relationship with Christ is the witness I receive from other people.

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