Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Delayne and Lilly!

Our littlest niece turned one!  Little Lilly is so super cute!  I almost can't stand it.  She is learning to walk and can take a few steps now.  She is definitely still a mama's girl.  Delayne got her this cute cupcake thing that looked like an ice cream cone with lots of scoops.

Aunt Shannon made a special cake for Delayne.  It is the one with raspberries on top, creamy goodness in the middle, and white cake on the bottom.  It's Spencer's favorite!  

John really enjoyed the cupcake!!

Lilly totally got into the treat and had a great time eating her own cupcake!

The cousins definitely needed a bath after all that yummy cake!!


  1. Happy Birthday. That cake looks good. If there are any leftovers hide them.

  2. There are never any leftovers!!