Monday, May 24, 2010

Chico Center for Learning

Last Thursday was Ryan's last day of PreKindergarten.  He was so excited for his special day.  All of the kids wore their special green shirts.  The first thing we did was hear about each kid and what they did over the year.  Each child was given a binder from Teacher Barbara.  She had filled it with the things they had done over the year and with photos, etc.  
Ryan loves Teacher Barbara!
Then Teacher Linda gave him his special graduation certificate.  He was so happy!

After each child had their special time, we got to look through the binders and the children each got a special gift from the teachers.  Then we gave the teachers a gift.  This is the first time I've been really sad to leave a school.  Ryan has learned so much and been so well taken care of here, I'm sad to have to go!  After all of the festivities, we took the kids over to Caper Acres for a picnic and all out play.  What fun!

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